Puerto Rico for beginners

A small travel guide of Puerto Rico for beginners
This photo was taken from Culebra island.
Anyone who travels to San Juan has to visit this amazing island.

Ferry sets off from Fajardo, a city that is an hour drive from San Juan.
From Fajardo ferry ride takes about an hour and a half to Culebra.
Ferry ticket costs about $5 which is not expensive.

On the island you can rent a golf cart or a Jeep Wrangler, for a little amount of money.

About $40 dollars.

Inexperienced drivers should not even think about rentina car there.

Driving in Belgrade is nothing compared to driving in San Juan.

Generally, do not go anywhere there are no tourists.

I warn you… do not pass through La Perla during the night.


We decided to go for a golf cart, since none of us being 25 years old at the time we could not rent a jeep. ????

Food is amazing, restaurants are not that cheap, maybe even more expensive than in the USA.

Local beer Magna and Medalla in clubs and restaurants costs about $1.5-2.

We went snorkeling on a coral reef with turtles that are couple of hundreds years old. 

 Anyone who likes espreso will love it here!  ????

Good cigars as well! ????
People smoke pot on every corner! ????
Flamenco beach on Culebra island is amazing.
These photos were taken with a phone and without any filters. ????
People are generally very relaxed there. Sometimes you can be bothered by it, especially when waiters act like that.  ????

La Perla is a part of San Juan that is very close to all hotels. Therefore, you have to be really carefull.

We had been warned by everyone.

Watch out for the scammers, because I gave $20 to a guy who said that he had been robbed and needs to call an ambulance.

He looked like an American and he talked with a Yankee accent.


Few days after that I saw the same guy trying to scam others on the same location. ????
Photos and text:
Srđan Kovačević

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